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Welcome to Shedfield Lodge

Everyone living at Shedfield Lodge is valued and supported to live a full a life as possible, while maintaining and regaining independence, where possible. We understand the uniqueness of every individual and provide a social environment that supports the requirements of each individual, enabling them to be the person they want to be, maintaining dignity, stimulating minds and giving a sense of purpose.


By understanding the world from the prospective of the person experiencing a Dementia, we are able to offer specialist care, centred around each individual ensuring inclusion, respect and choice.

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The Great CCTV In Care Debate

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable organised and hosted a unique and much anticipated CCTV in Care Homes debate on the evening of Tuesday 29th October 2019, welcoming care industry professionals to discuss the emotive and important subject of safety monitoring in all care homes. The first event of it's kind saw a panel of experts, including our Proprietor Andrew Geach & Simon, answer questions from many of Care Campaign For The Vulnerable's 50,000 supporters on our social media forums as well as a LIVE audience asking questions on privacy, compliancy and safeguarding vulnerable residents and staff. The panel also included Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO Care England, Nino Caffaro Probate Lawyer, Trudi Scrivener CEO Ashridge Home Care, Ben Wilson Care Protect Limited, Karin Flower Family in Care, Shaun Keep Say So Limited, Rachel Becket Chairman Wellburn Care Homes, Sally Blackden Dementia Care Trainer, Donald Diamond, Senior Community Engagement Officer at Care Qualities Communities Practice

The end of the debate our 'Should all care homes have safety monitoring in communal areas and private rooms with consent' poll saw 97% of the public say YES. We are leading the way raising awareness for the use of Safety monitoring in all care homes and we understand visiting many care homes and talking to care industry professionals, families and carers are welcoming safety monitoring and dispelling the myths surrounding lack of privacy and dignity. We are grateful to Professor Martin Green OBE for his attendance and valued contribution. We would like to thank everyone for making this special evening a great success and our thanks also go to all our wonderful experts in care panel. We would also like to give our special thanks to our audience members who turned up to add their voices to this very emotive debate.

BBC Music Day

Thursday 26th September 2019

BBC Music Day is the UK wide, annual celebration of the power of music to change lives, with over a thousand events across the UK and broadcasts on TV, Radio and Digital.

This year BBC Music Day takes place on Thursday 26th September with events and broadcasts across the week.

The theme this year is music and wellbeing; the power of music to inspire, bring us together and make a positive impact.