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Welcome to Shedfield Lodge

Everyone living at Shedfield Lodge is valued and supported to live a full a life as possible, while maintaining and regaining independence, where possible. We understand the uniqueness of every individual and provide a social environment that supports the requirements of each individual, enabling them to be the person they want to be, maintaining dignity, stimulating minds and giving a sense of purpose.


By understanding the world from the prospective of the person experiencing a Dementia, we are able to offer specialist care, centred around each individual ensuring inclusion, respect and choice.

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Shedfield Lodge Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Shedfield Lodge will continue to review our Pandemic Policy and Procedure and have completed our checklist to ensure that Shedfield Lodge is prepared and that robust business continuity plans are in place. We will ensure all protocols are adheard to.

Shedfield Lodge will ensure that staff have access to the latest Coronavirus information & continue to follow our robust procedures and the WHO advice to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and reducing the risk of spreading it.

We have a 4 Phase Proactive Action Plan. As of 08:00hrs, Saturday 14th March 2020, we are in Phase 3 which prohibits all but essential visits (Emergency Services/GP/Medical/Clinical)

We will keep information updated as we receive it.

You can get daily updates by visiting the website that publishes new information everyday at 2.00pm


You can also get information on the NHS website

Shedfield Lodge Covid 19 Phase 3 140320.

Media in May 2020

Following numerous failed PPE deliveries leading to the realisation that thousands of pounds worth of supplies, some ordered in January, simply were not coming, it was to our delight that we received a call from the Daily Mail asking how we were coping with the PPE shortage being experienced by so many other care homes. We explained our situation & they said that may be able to help via their charity, Mail Force. Later that day we received a delivery of masks & coveralls.


Our normal suppliers were simply overwhelmed by the demand for goods & simply could not cope. So the Daily Mail, it's readers & it's charity really did help us out. While we received lots of postive support on our social media platforms, we did receive a lot of negativity via email, which led to our Registered Manager's response being published. 

We have since been able to publicly give our view point in interviews with Jess King for The Good Health Show on Mail+ & on Andrew Pierce's podcast.

2020 so far...


We, as the official Ambassador Care Home for Care Campaign For The Vulnerable, attended an Open Day on the 29th January to help other Care Homes & Service Providers understand how Safety Monitoring in Care Homes can be implemented easily & the reassurance it offers families, while protecting privacy & maintaining the dignity of everyone living in the care home & those working there as well. We were able to answer their questions, talk about our reasons for using safety monitoring and our experiences and also outline the process of consultation, policies, procedures and due dilligence prior to installation.






















Throughout the year we will also be attending other events to promote the benefits of Safety Monitoring in care settings


What's coming up in 2020...

Our Registered Manager, Alicia Taskis (pictured left) has written a new 'Manager's Brief' which is her review of the past 12 months at Shedfield Lodge, it can be downloaded by clicking the link.

Alicia's review looks at new things we have started, such as 'Fellows of The Forge', a support group for husbands who have wives living here, after the success of our 'Wives Club'.

Also reviewed is our Award Night, where we collected the Award for Inspirational Leaders in Care & one of our team, Kathy, was presented with the Award for Inspirational Individual in care.

We have also been awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 which specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization:

a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and

b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We would like to congratulate Nikki McCrudden & Maria Willis on their recent promotions. Due to the increased area of responsibilities of our Registered Manager, Alicia Taskis, the role of Deputy Manager has been created, which is Nikki’s new role, which in turn has seen Maria promoted to the position of Head of Care.

Nikki has been at the Lodge for over 20 years and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the day to day running of our home.

Over the past year, Maria has had a more active role in supporting the management team, in respect of policies, procedures, legislation as well as clinical requirements within the home, so it was a natural progression for her to assume the role of Head of Care. 
We wish Nikki
(pictured left) and Maria (pictured right) the very best of luck in their new roles and are sure they will receive the support of the whole team

We have many plans for the year ahead that will see further work done around Shedfield Lodge to improve the lives of everyone living here, such as second quiet lounge, library & a salon.

The Great CCTV In Care Debate

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable organised and hosted a unique and much anticipated CCTV in Care Homes debate on the evening of Tuesday 29th October 2019, welcoming care industry professionals to discuss the emotive and important subject of safety monitoring in all care homes. The first event of it's kind saw a panel of experts, including our Proprietor Andrew Geach & Simon, answer questions from many of Care Campaign For The Vulnerable's 50,000 supporters on our social media forums as well as a LIVE audience asking questions on privacy, compliancy and safeguarding vulnerable residents and staff. The panel also included Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO Care England, Nino Caffaro Probate Lawyer, Trudi Scrivener CEO Ashridge Home Care, Ben Wilson Care Protect Limited, Karin Flower Family in Care, Shaun Keep Say So Limited, Rachel Becket Chairman Wellburn Care Homes, Sally Blackden Dementia Care Trainer, Donald Diamond, Senior Community Engagement Officer at Care Qualities Communities Practice

The end of the debate our 'Should all care homes have safety monitoring in communal areas and private rooms with consent' poll saw 97% of the public say YES. We are leading the way raising awareness for the use of Safety monitoring in all care homes and we understand visiting many care homes and talking to care industry professionals, families and carers are welcoming safety monitoring and dispelling the myths surrounding lack of privacy and dignity. We are grateful to Professor Martin Green OBE for his attendance and valued contribution. We would like to thank everyone for making this special evening a great success and our thanks also go to all our wonderful experts in care panel. We would also like to give our special thanks to our audience members who turned up to add their voices to this very emotive debate.

BBC Music Day

Thursday 26th September 2019

BBC Music Day is the UK wide, annual celebration of the power of music to change lives, with over a thousand events across the UK and broadcasts on TV, Radio and Digital.

Events and broadcasts across the week.

The theme this year is music and wellbeing; the power of music to inspire, bring us together and make a positive impact.

Taking our place on a'Question Time' style panel debate..

Tuesday 29th October 2019


The Crown Plaza, Beaconsfield

There's No Plcae Like Home..!

2019's Summer Fete celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the iconic film, The Wizard Of Oz.

As usual, in an effort to entertain, we all dressed up as different characters and even put on our own version of the classic story incorporating the the Karatekas from the Hampshire Academy of Shotokan Karate (HASK) who were performing their Katas, giving us a wonderful display.

We had an amazing reaction to our raffle, that saw us raise of £430 for a very special little girl, Eva.

Eva is the grand-daughter of Val, one of our team. Eva is living with Rett Syndrome.

Rett syndrome

This will help Eva's family immensely, along with our commitment to take care of Eva's physiotherapy for the next 12 months.

For more information about Rett Syndrome please visit Rett UK

Our Proprietor, Andrew Geach, gives an exclusive interview to the Daily Express...

In an interview with Giles Sheldrick for the Daily Express, our proprietor, Andrew Geach, gives evidence based figures of savings made to the NHS by not unnecessarily calling 999. Valuable funds that could go towards Social Care and unpaid carers. To read our full report, please click this link

The Alzheimer's Show at Olympia

As part of the Advisory Team & Ambassador Care Home for Care Campaign for the Vulnerable we were delighted to join CCFTV founder & Director, Jayne Connery, on stage to talk over our safety monitoring in care homes initiative at the Alzheimer's show. Shedfield Lodge supports safety monitoring in communal areas, having had this technology for over seven years. Andrew spoke passionately of the overwhelming benefits safety monitoring brings to protect vulnerable residents but also his staff. He spoke passionately regarding unwitnessed falls that can happen when caring for elderly vulnerable people. He told of the many cases before safety monitoring was installed, unwitnessed falls would have had to involve a call to 999 and the resident making a trip to hospital to get checked over in case of a possible head injury. Andrew said since the safety monitoring installation, if any such unwitnessed fall should occur, management look over the footage and in many cases it has shown the resident has voluntarily placed themselves on the floor which results in a no ambulance call out or unnecessary and distressing trip to A & E. Andrew told the conference '' This is something that needs to be addressed, the money the NHS is saved by just our homes having safety monitoring alone is hugely significant - so could you imagine if it was rolled out across ALL care homes?. Our priority first and foremost is about safeguarding our most vulnerable and care staff. Safety monitoring can also ensure our carers are protected. Safety monitoring is a great training tool enabling carers to show where they may have gone wrong... or right!'' Read Shedfield Lodge Statement here :-

Recent News..

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Inspiration In Care Award Winners 2019!

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable

We were very honoured to attend The Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Inspiration In Care Awards at The Crown Plaza in Buckinghamshire.

We were even prouder to be presented with the 'Inspirational Leaders in Care' Award.

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable founder, Jayne Connery, presented us with the award at the ceremony hosted by Rob Lamarr.


Also in attendance, was Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Ambassador, British Actress Aimi Macdonald, entertainer Jon Culshaw and Music from the amazing Ida Girls.

Not only did we win this prestigious award but one of our team, Kathy Smith, also won the award for 'Inspirational Individual in Care'.

Out & About with our team....

The Day we caught the train..

For the second year running, on Saturday 15th June 2019, we took part in War On The Line at stations along the Watercress Line.

We do this in memory of a gentleman that used to live at Shedfield Lodge and to recognise the loss of 395 railway staff that were killed and over 2400 that were injured while on duty between 1939 and 1945.

Shedfield Lodge and Care Campaign For Th

Older News..

While attending the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo at the NEC, we bumped into Care Campaign For The Vulnerable founder, Jayne Connery. While in the audience to listen to her keynote speach, Andrew was invited up to address the audience as to why we support the campaign to make safety monitoring in all care homes mandatory. Andrew's speach was applauded and an article has been published in 'Care Home Professional' publication and can be viewed on their website by clicking this link 

Shedfield Lodge Fellows of the Forge.jpg

After the success of our 'Wives Club' meetings, we wanted to look at ways we can support the husbands who had wives living with a dementia here at Shedfield Lodge. One of our ideas was to invite them out for an evening, to share a meal, have a drink together, have a chat & just see where it took us. We have just had our first get together & we had a lovely evening sharing stories, getting to know each other & just enjoying each others company.

Shedfield Lodge Care Campaign For The Vu

While attending a meeting with Care Campaign For The Vulnerable, we were invited to join their official Advisory Team, an offer which we accepted with pleasure.

Shedfield Lodge at Knowle Haven.jpg

April 2019 saw the first of our training sessions to be held at Knowle Haven. Our training sessions are open to members of our community, for more details, see our Training page or contact us if you would like to attend a session.

Knowle Haven is a four hectare former paddock & has been transformed into a lovely community and wildlife reserve with the support of The Friends of Knowle Haven, a dedicated team of volunteers who are involved on a daily basis. The site was officially opened in May 2017 and is now used by a wide range of community groups, local residents and visitors for recreation and relaxation.

Care Campaign For The Vulnerable is a independent, non profit organisation, successfully leading the way championing the use of CCTV safety monitoring in communal areas in all care and nursing homes and private rooms with consent. Their team’s personal experience in care allows them to offer help and support to families and carers who contact them as well as advising care providers on the benefits to safety monitoring. Care Campaign has gained the support of many Care Providers, including Shedfield Lodge, care professionals and tens of thousands of supporters. They understand through visits to care homes the many pressures and sometimes unrealistic expectations placed on good, conscientious led care providers in the sector - allowing a balanced understanding on how safety monitoring would be a positive, not just for vulnerable residents, families and care staff but Care Providers too. They passionately champion good person centred care and support for our elderly, especially living with dementia and championing better support for dedicated care workers while promoting the many commercial benefits safety monitoring has on the care home sector and importantly saving valuable NHS resources.

The Purple Angel Dementia Campaign began in Devon, UK when Norman McNamara (diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia at 50) launched the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance:

The purpose of the Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is to raise awareness, give hope to and empower people living with a dementia by giving out information on how shops, businesses and other services can support people who have these progressive diseases – both elderly and younger onset.

2019 HCA Window Sticker.jpg

Shedfield Lodge Wives Club

In an initiative started by our Registered Manager, Alicia, we now have regular support meetings for the wives whose husbands, living with a variety of different dementias, are resident at Shedfield Lodge.

Innovations in Care

We use a care management software that helps our team plan, record, report and co-ordinate care on the go via smart phones. This results in time saved, admin simplified and an improved quality of care. The system we use is called Mobile Care Monitoring, developed by Person Centred Software and details of it can viewed by visiting their website