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Shedfield Lodge in Antigua

We have just returned from our trip to Antigua where we met the most amazing lady. Miss Mary Yearwood, owns and manages, the Charmay Nursing Centre in Golden Grove, Antigua. This small dilapidated building is home to some of the happiest people we have ever had the pleasure to meet.

We were given a very warm welcome and were immediately made to feel part of the family. We were introduced to all the residents and shown around the home where we also met staff and volunteers.

Funds are very tight and a lot of the residents are unable to make any financial contribution to their care at Charmay. There is no social funding, there are no regulatory bodies and very little in any form of guidance.

The cost to live at Charmay is approximately £18 per day. The minimum wage in Antigua is around £2.20 per hour. all in all, it is a struggle for Miss Mary to operate Charmay effectively.

Our intention is to work with Charmay to help with training, documentation & record keeping, equipment, supplies, furniture and any thing else that will help make life easier and improve the conditions for the residents.

Miss Mary's main concern for the future of Charmay is that, at 70 herself, she will not be able to continue indefinitely and as it stands, there is no one who will be able to take over from her.

Our mission is to make sure that she has a fully trained team around her that can support and enable her to continue offering the amazing care, love and respect she gives the residents.

Over the coming weeks, we will be giving updates on how things are progressing with the future of Charmay.

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