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Meet Our Team

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Having been in the care sector for over twenty years, my experience has been gained in Nursing, Residential and EMI settings, with BUPA and independent providers. My roles have encompassed most elements of caring about people at various stages of their lives with varying cognitive ability,

I first joined Shedfield Lodge in 2010 and progressed to the role of Care Plan Coordinator in 2013 and then Head Of Care in 2016 before becoming the Registered Manager in 2017. Having gained a QCF Level 5 in Leadership For Health And Social Care, I am currently undertaking a Level 7 Diploma.

My mission is to provide a truly person-centred approach to care that recognises and values each individuals uniqueness, treats them with dignity and respect and understands the world from their prospective in an environment that supports their psychological needs ensuring their personhood, throughout.

I have been at Shedfield Lodge since 1997. I started as part of the care team and have progressed through to my current role as Deputy Manager. I specialise in medication.

Over the years, I have gained my knowledge and experience within the care sector and feel I have developed with the home and am very proud to be a key member of such an outstanding team. I will be undertaking a QCF Level 5 Diploma in Leadership In Health And Social Care

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Senior Care Team

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Care Team

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All Care Staff are trained to Level 3 End Of Life Care

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

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Housekeeping Team

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Maintenance Team

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Shedfield Lodge is an accredited training centre with our own on-site trainer

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Community Projects & Public Relations,

Team Leaders

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My name is Andrew Geach and I have been in the care sector since 2001. It is a family run business, after assisting my father with two other care homes he owned for many years previously.

Since my fathers retirement I have involved my own family and currently have 2 of my children working in the care home.

On leaving school at seventeen, I joined the Royal Navy as a Paramedic and served 7 years, reaching the dizzy heights of Leading Medical Assistant (Operating Theatre)

During my time in the Royal Navy, I trained in Norway in the Surgical Support Team and served on the hospital ship, RFA Argus, during the Gulf War. Most of my time was in the Operating Theatre at RNH Haslar, assisting Surgeons and Anaesthetists, after a further two years medical training on top of the medic training.

On leaving the Royal Navy in 1992, I joined the Hampshire Constabulary, serving ten years in Portsmouth as a Police Constable, driving the Area Response Vehicle.

It is an honour to go full circle and go back to my roots of medicine and looking after those living with a dementia.

I am passionate about my job within the care home and attend most days. I have a great care team and together we make an outstanding home to live and work in.

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