Getting advice and support if you don’t live near a town centre is not always easy.

Age Concern Hampshire’s team of highly-trained Village Agents volunteers work in rural communities across the county, signposting people to the information they need on issues such as day care, foot care, computer training, company at meal times, transport for shopping and medical appointments, finding reputable tradespeople and help around the home.

They can also tell you how to apply for Blue Badge parking permits, concessionary travel and financial benefits. They are a mine of information - helping to make life easier and enabling older people to remain self-reliant in their own communities. Some Village Agents also offer free home fire safety visits.

Age Concern Hampshire’s Village Agents often work in pairs and offer up to six hours of their time each week to support people living in their local communities.

Their primary role is to enable older people to live independently, for as long as possible, in their own homes. The Village Agent scheme is supported by Hampshire County Council.

Click on our logo to download the handout that accompanies our Community Dementia Awareness sessions.


Our Commitment to Our Community 

The Southern Co-operative, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire

The Village Bakery

,The Village Bakery, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire

Our aim is to make our community Dementia Aware. To achieve this, we need the help of local businesses. We would like every individual living with dementia in our community to feel valued, understood and supported in an environment that enables them to lead a normal a life as possible.

To achieve this, we feel that it is important that local businesses have an understanding of different dementias and the effects it has on individuals living with them.

We have offered a Dementia Awareness Course for local businesses and their staff to participate in. This will be at no cost to them and we will provide them with a window sticker to display to show their customers that their staff are dementia aware.


We will also provide opportunities to attend other training sessions, such as, First Aid, Health & Safety, Moving & Handling, again at no cost. This is part of our aim to help our community.

The following local businesses have already put themselves forward in this community scheme:

The Southern Co-operative

South Downs Funeral Service

Tom French & Associates

Louise Oram

Sports Massage Therapist

South Downs Funeral Service, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire
Juicy Press, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire
Tom French Associates, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire
Louise Oram Sports Massage Therapist, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire
Louise Oram Sports Massage Therapist, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire
Wispers, Wickham, Shedfield Lodge, Dementia, Care, Awareness, Training, Free, Community, Hampshire

Shedfield Lodge in the community

"A Taste of Wickham" is an annual event that takes place in our community where local traders get the chance to show off their wears. This was the perfect opportunity for us to spend time showing everyone how they can get involved with helping to raise dementia awareness, how they can help support those living with a dementia in our community and to show them that they are valued, respected and an important part of our community.

Read what people have to say about our sessions..

"Very informative, learnt lots of things we didn't know. Don't judge people. Try to be helpful as you could be helping more than you realise" - Jill & Lorraine, Southern Cooperative. Attended 9th October 2017

"A very informative experience. Gave a better understanding of individuality in Dementia issues. Behaviour awareness. Patience and understanding." - Belinda & Vicky, Southern Cooperative. Attended 9th October 2017

"Powerful. Emotional. Made you more aware. Be more patient. Really informative. Get more awareness. Be more compassionate. Not to treat everybody the same, everybody is different." - Nicky & Becky, Southern Cooperative. Attended 9th October 2017

"I came to the session not knowing what to expect. It was a real eye opener, learning how to deal with dementia in certain situations. It has made me keen to learn more and play a bigger role with dementia awareness. A lot of facts and information, including a video which really touches your heart and shows you it from a different perspective." - Olivia & Sophie, Wispers. Attended 9th October 2017

"Really enjoyed the 2 hours of our dementia awareness course. It will help us in the salon identify when clients may be struggling and how to help in certain situations. It also was an eye opener that every person living with dementia is different and not one person is the same." - Becca & Zoe, Wispers. Attended 9th October 2017

"I think this course was very informative and definitely interesting. Maybe take a little bit more time for people even though we live in a fast world. Don't judge people as we never know what someone is going through. Find out more about people." - Anonymous. Attended 9th October 2017

"Fantastic, will encourage my colleagues to attend a session" - Alice, Biscoes Solicitors - Attended 10th November 2017

"Amazing training. Very Informative. - Rachel, Biscoes Solicitors - Attended 10th November 2017

"A real eye opener, things I did not know and could not possibly have worked out for myself. Thank you." -Marjorie Preston - Business Owner - Attended 13th November 2017

"The ticks say it all. Time very well spent" - John Preston - Graphic Designer (Retired) - Attended 13th November 2017

"The training was extremely insightful and useful and has helped us in at least two very specific customer situations over the last year." - Tina O'Nion, Co-Owner & Sales Director, Wispers 

Next Course Dates

We will be announcing dates for shortly..


If you would like to book a place on any of the above dates, please email:


Dementia Action Week

20th - 26th May 2019

Small actions. Big impact.



It’s time to unite and take action on dementia.

As part of our Dementia Action Week plans, we will be holding a 'Drop In Workshop' where everyone is welcome to come along and find out more about dementia and how we can all take actions big and small to improve the lives of people affected by dementia and how we can support those living with a dementia in our community.

In the UK, one person develops dementia every three minutes. Yet too many people living with a dementia are alone and can easily be excluded from society. We want to help our community understand how we can change this and ensure that we can be an inclusive community that values everyone who lives in it.

Alzheimer’s Society is leading the movement for change and are determined to create a dementia-friendly UK where people with dementia are included and supported to live the lives they want. But they can’t achieve this alone. We are determined to do what we can to help achieve this.

That’s why this Dementia Action Week we will be asking you and everyone you know to come together and take small actions that will make a huge difference. 

The workshop will be held at:

Knowle Haven, Mayles Lane, Knowle, Fareham, PO15 6DT


Our Caribbean Connection

We have just returned from our trip to Antigua where we met the most amazing lady. Miss Mary Yearwood, owns and manages, the Charmay Nursing Centre in Golden Grove, Antigua. This small dilapidated building is home to some of the happiest people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. 


We were given a very warm welcome and were immediately made to feel part of the family. We were introduced to all the residents and shown around the home where we also met staff and volunteers.


Funds are very tight and a lot of the residents are unable to make any financial contribution to their care at Charmay. There is no social funding, there are no regulatory bodies and very little in any form of guidance. 


The cost to live at Charmay is approximately £18 per day. The minimum wage in Antigua is around £2.20 per hour. all in all, it is a struggle for Miss Mary to operate Charmay effectively. 


Our intention is to work with Charmay to help with training, documentation & record keeping, equipment, supplies, furniture and any thing else that will help make life easier and improve the conditions for the residents.


Miss Mary's main concern for the future of Charmay is that, at 70 herself, she will not be able to continue indefinitely and as it stands, there is no one who will be able to take over from her.


Our mission is to make sure that she has a fully trained team around her that can support and enable her to continue offering the amazing care, love and respect she gives the residents.


Over the coming weeks, we will be giving updates on how things are progressing with the future of Charmay.



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