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Music for the Mind

With the help of our guest singer Becki, we involved our residents this month with a session called ‘Music for the Mind’ Starting off with a few light stretching and breathing exercises, we moved on to some funny and relatively simple tongue twisters. Certainly had a giggle or two with this! Moving on, we then engaged in some action songs such as ‘I am the music man’ - great fun. Next it was time for a ‘sing-a-long’ with the help of some books with the words, to some of our favourite tunes. In addition, we passed around various percussion instruments, from bells to tambourines and brought the lounge to life with our very own orchestra! We certainly enjoyed the company of 'B'as we played along on a tom-tom drum and wood block. Also, we must say thank you to our family member Julie, who has kindly donated a wonderful tambourine to the Lodge. It will certainly be well used. We closed the session with a quiet song and some gentle ‘warm down’ breathing and loose exercise.

For more information about the range of entertainment Becki provides, please visit her website

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