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Our 1st Community Dementia Awareness Session

We have now started our programme of Community Dementia Awareness Sessions. After Months of meetings, planning & scheduling we have finally started!

The session was started by an introduction from our proprietors, Carole and Andrew Geach and a brief word from Mark Faulkes, our Training and Recruitment Consultant (and Dementia Champion) before handing over to our trainer, Mary Ann. During the interactive session, attendees were given lots of real life scenarios where having an awareness of dementia meant that individuals in our community could feel supported and valued and treated with dignity and respect. The feedback we got was very positive and everyone left feeling much more empowered to make our community a more inclusive one, valuing every member of it.

Management and other colleagues from our local Southern Cooperative where in attendance and also the proprietors from The Village Bakery and some of their staff attended our special evening session.

We have scheduled two more sessions next Wednesday (13th September) and then two more in early October. We already have bookings from Juicy Press, Tom French & Associates, South Downs Funeral Services and Wispers but there are still spaces available.

We will keep everyone updated with more dates as they become available and anything else that crops up.

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